TALOS is our state-of-the-art, customer-driven, online engagement solution. It delivers everything you need, to build an end-to-end loyalty ecosystem.

TALOS is a modular and scalable technology platform; its business-related functionality supports “real-time” delivery of content over any network (Internet, 2,5 G, 3G, 4G) to and from any terminal device (mobile, smart-phone, tablet, PC, note-book, IP-TV), regardless the operating program (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X).

TALOS platform is constantly evolving with new modules and features ready to deploy, scale and customize via the fully-documented TALOS APIs.


All the business gamification mechanics required for any project are already built in the TALOS Platform:


TALOS platform listens for, identifies and records the online behavior of each of user, customer, partner and employee, storing their engagement actions and information in unique personal profiles.

  • User identification can be organized level-wise, in various depths, based on their semantics and significance
  • The platform is able to keep as many profile elements as needed relative to user’s behavior and customer segmentation
  • The user profiling module is built in such a way, that can be integrated with existing systems’ infrastructures and support a customizable user profiling
  • It is already integrated with Facebook and Twitter

E-Commerce Functionality

  • Currencies: The system supports any type of currencies, real/existing or virtual
  • E-Wallet: The platform supports users’ e-wallet and multiple currencies
  • Products: The platform supports products
  • Payment: The platform supports almost every existing payment method
  • Billing methods: Mobile Money (CREOVA m-Pay), PayPal payment, All major credit cards via PayPal, Apple Store In-App Purchases, Premium SMS, CashU, OneCard, Zong.
  • e-Shop Coupons: The platform supports issuance of coupons as a part of game process, for purchasing products from e-shops
  • Virtual Items (Management): The platform has a module for administration & handling of virtual items, used in games and applications

Social Gameplay

  • Social Game-playing: The platform integrates with social platforms like Facebook & Twitter to promote real-time game-playing, among existing users. Additionally, it uses these networks to invite new users, thus to continuously expand its player base.
  • Waging: The platform allows customizable waging that can be delegated from the back office administration platform, making users’ interaction more dense and interesting.
  • Chat: The platform supports users in-game chatting, increasing social interaction.
  • Tournaments: The platform is able to support various types of tournaments. Types can be based either on prize types, user groups or profiling in general, time based or any type the administrator(s) of the platform can define.
  • Leaderboards: Users are ranked based on any type and number of configurable criteria, enhancing player experience in competitions.

Achievements & Rewards

  • Achievements: The platform can support various achievements to be assigned to users when they achieve certain objectives.
  • Rewards: Additionally, to increase user involvement, the platform supports the notion of rewards which can be configured as the result of any user action.

Marketing Tools

  • XML feeds: The system is able to communicate with various sources and obtain XML feeds.  Based on that, the content is personalized on the user’s needs, according to his profile.
  • Push Notifications: The platform supports notifications, either in a personal customized way or in a group personalized way, in the form of push messaging. The content of the messaging to be displayed (type) is completely controlled per medium (email, SMS, social networks) and localizable.
  • Campaigns: The platform can handle scheduled campaigns with predefined localizable message templates, on global, group or personal basis.
  • Group Notifications: According to the users’ grouping, either based on profiling elements or elements induced from game-playing, notifications can be pushed to certain users, on synchronous and/or asynchronous basis.



The backbone of the TALOS Platform is a Cross Platform Communication Server that supports:

  • modified JSON-based push & pull communication mechanism
  • an optimized communication protocol for minimal bandwidth use for mobile devices
  • a pluggable network protocol implementation
  • an adaptable to other existing or future infrastructure communication mechanisms
  • enhanced Security
  • Performance and Scalability, both vertically and horizontally


The TALOS API is the technology layer that delivers all the business gamification functionalities transparently from server to the clients.

The TALOS API Libraries allow applications on any platform (PC/Mac, iOS, Android, Symbian, Java ME, etc.) to connect and use all TALOS functionalities, composing a network of connected applications.

The TALOS Library Generator is a software mechanism featuring an extensible set of code generators that are able to automatically translate the server communication API definition to multiple technologies/languages (Objective C, C++, Java ME, C#.NET, ActionScript 3).

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