The Future

The future of television is much more than social.

Companion applications allow the audience to interact with the broadcasted content through their mobile device.

TV broadcasters can now engage their audiences in compelling and innovative social experiences related to first screen content for entertainment and advertising, in real time.

They can also benefit from dramatically reduced development costs and deployment time, new monetization strategies such as micro-transactions, and optimization of experiences by real time analysis of user behavior.


TV social experience

Through their mobile device, the spectators are not a passive audience anymore. They can interact, shape or even create the content.

Examples include:

  • Instant shopping through mobile-commerce
  • Gaming and interactive betting
  • Trivia quizzes in real time during a TV show and win prizes
  • Predictions for TV shows outcomes, sport events (voting, rating)
  • Participation in competitions, polls, surveys
  • Social interaction in real time with other viewers
  • Get live feeds from social networks
  • Get relative info/gossip around the broadcasted show, movie or celebrity

Rewarding schemes

All users’ interactions are rewarded with virtual currencies through which spectators:

  • Unlock virtual items
  • Earn badges
  • Unlock premium content
  • Redeem real prizes

Our companion solution

ICON Platforms companion solution offers all possible interactive functionalities integrated with a business gamified engagement process. TALOS is the most advanced platform for developing and publishing TV companion apps for multiple screens and devices.

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