Social thinking will define the ideas of the future.

Social thinking means ideas based on an understanding of social behavior. Ideas that people want to share, talk about, get involved with and belong to.

Loyalty projects are addressed to the vast audience of social media and mobile users and business gamification is the most popular, effective methodology.

A social idea, based on behavior psychology and gaming instinct.

So if you’re considering for an effective loyalty project, the business gamification concept represents a huge and untapped territory, with measurable outcome.

The statistics say that the majority of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over branded messages.

In this word-of-mouth economy, how can marketers be effective?

Using content in such a way that it encourages persuasive consumer conversation can drive serious tangible results.

Leveraging the social conversation has proven to be more powerful than traditional advertising because of the way it spurs and mimics word-of-mouth recommendations and earns the trust of customers.

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