Digital Technology

Digital technology shapes the new cultural identity of museums. The integration of the exhibits with virtual storytelling creates new perspectives to the diffusion and resonance of cultural projects, and the interaction between visitors and cultural institutions.

The narrative perspective can benefit museums in many ways:

  • Enlarge visitors both numerically and in terms of the diversity of demographic characteristics
  • Reinforce emotional bonds with visitors
  • Collect valuable information regarding visitors’ preferences
  • Increase revenues from visitors and targeted funding campaigns

 Narrative Experiences

Storytelling solutions with gamification elements provide new experiences and a continuous engagement to museum objectives.

Social interactions, motivation and rewards are key factors for the engagement of visitors:

  • Gamified missions where visitors search for exhibits or artists and receive rewards upon completing them
  • Mystery quests where visitors must gather clues inside the museum or cultural site to solve them and earn the reward
  • Hidden facts and treasure hunt games in aumgented reality environment
  • Quizzes and competitions relating historical and cultural data


A network of ambassadors is built that promotes and encourages new registrations and new communities with common interests through the social dialogue with friends.

  • Ambassadors receive premium content and benefits in the virtual and real museum world
  • Social interactions and promotions are rewarded
  • Achievements and rewards in the form of badges or virtual museum products
  • Exclusive tickets for ambassadors to give away to their friends

Our solution for museums

Icon Platforms solution can be used by museums, cultural networks, archaeological sites and cultural organizations. TALOS Platform uses business gamification concepts and social networking to design loyalty campaigns that increase traffic for museums and cultural events.

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