The Digital era

Libraries must be prepared to overcome the current impasse in visitors by creating transitional forms for reading and change the focus of their interest, from education to culture, and from institutions to ‘networks’.

Technology and games are tools for the dissemination of what libraries offer. Communities are formed based on reading preferences and social activities of readers.

In the digital era libraries transform into virtual learning laboratories, motivating visitors to create their own content and interact with the books they read, have fun and socialize with people with the same interests with them, all based on the primary value of libraries· books.

 Creating Experiences

Gamification can be integrated into the strategic concept of libraries to assist in attracting and maintaining new public of all ages.

Through gamification the reading experience is enriched:

  • Readers become part of the stories, suggest alternate endings or even participate in the forming of the ending of a book
  • Solve mystery stories as written by famous authors in the form of treasure hunts by collecting clues around their residential towns
  • Participate in interactive book experiences, or even create their own
  • Participate in competitions, quizzes and surveys
  • Unlock badges and achievements based on their interests and get rewarded
  • Combine other arts that can express feelings by reading books such as music, visual arts and cinema
  • Get personalized notifications for books, authors and readers who share common interests with them


By creating digital communities, the books of a library become an experience shared by many simultaneously.

Readers are able to:

  • Browse the library of a friend
  • Write a critic and read friends’ critics
  • Create group discussions, reader’s clubs
  • Communicate with authors
  • Get suggestions for books from authors, artists, professors, politicians
  • Recommend books and share reading experiences in public

Our solution for libraries

ICON Platforms’ solution for libraries creates personalized experiences for the readers, based on their reading profiles and preferences. TALOS is the most advanced platform for developing loyalty campaigns for libraries entering the digital era.

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