Does business gamification work always?

While business gamification has proven its worth, skeptics are plentiful. 

Market research firm Gartner predicted that by 2014, about 80 percent of current gamified apps will fail to meet business objectives because of poor design.

Business gamification can help measure and motivate, reward and recognize people, increase loyalty among employees and consumers, and guide and amplify behavior.

Business gamification drives engagement. And engagement’s features are involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence. And the engagement loop includes actions, rewards, achievements, and motivations.


Remember that different mechanics are best suited for certain personality types and phases.

The possibilities for business gamification are universal and endless: Every aspect of the human experience is a journey of sorts, meaning that there is a learning and leveling curve, a start, mid-point, and end goal and multiple ways and strategies to reach the destination. 

Business gamification as a methodology help brands produce highly qualified new customers and sales, boost traffic and awareness, and provide deep insight into customer behavior across their social graphs. Additionally, this channel can foster consumer-generated content to increase brands’ search engine result placement.

With the increasing amount of consumer online sharing and conversations, brands have a new opportunity to identify their highly engaged, loyal advocates and turn them into “social advocates”—who, in turn, refer the brands and the products or services they sell to their friends. 

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